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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is founded on the belief that each patient is unique and deserves an individualized approach to procedure selection and implementation. Our main goal is to bring out each patient’s natural beauty and teach them how to preserve it. Our approach focuses on natural beauty while avoiding unnatural modifications; it communicates our desire for a “better version” of ourselves and is perfectly in line with the leading trends in the beauty industry. We are all working toward the same goal – to enhance your appearance, improve health, and increase happiness. We do what we love and fall in love with what we do. A successful outcome is our source of inspiration! Clients return to us as friends.

We will take care of you at Revival Med Spa.

Botox first time

$220 ($11 for 1 unit)

Lip flip



$900 (100 units)

Home Care
Your body loves you

Love It Back

Welcome to the ongoing story of your beauty. We believe that everyone possesses distinct beauty that, with proper care, can last for years. When we pursue stereotypes or keep our beauty behind diffidence, we can often lose our true inner happiness and self-fulfillment. Through love, health care, and respect for ourselves and our bodies, we hope to resurrect youth, beauty, and individuality. We are here to revive your beauty!


What They Say

“In Revival med spa, I found what I had been looking for for a long time, real professionals who are in love with their work. Firstly, the result of the treatment gave me back my self-confidence and joy from my appearance. I feel that they take care of me and this is not just a one-time procedure, this is a friendship for many years.”

“I cannot express how happy I am with the amazing Revival Botulinum Toxin treatment! I got a really wow lifting effect. Now I don’t have to think about plastic surgery! I am incredibly happy!”

“I like the European approach of all the specialists in this clinic. All practitioners are highly educated and have years of experience. I can just relax and trust my face and body to true professionals.”

Alla works diligently, delicately, and with the utmost level of professionalism. She thoughtfully conveyed the method, procedure, and after-care. She was attentive to any pain during the injection procedure and extremely conscientious throughout the process..”

“I strongly recommend Alla injector. Her procedures are always amazing. She uses unique techniques. I love that her treatments get rid of my wrinkles while still looking natural.


To Create Your Individual Beauty Revival Program